Introducing Kangen Water Technology to the Philippines

The premiere in ionized water generating systems has finally come to Philippine shores. Kangen Water is made easily available to Filipinos who want access to a healthier and overall better lifestyle. Kangen Water has a lot of beneficial properties for consumption through drinking and also processes water to be used for a range of practical uses. Depending on the pH level you want the Kangen Water Machine to process from strong acidic water to strong alkaline water the Kangen Water Machine is a great installment in the household.

The price can be considered steep but you are getting your money’s worth down to the last penny. Drinking water, cleaning water, water, cooking water, and even water for watering, plants the Kangen Water Machine can customize water to fit the needs of your household.

Kangen Water is a nifty and revolutionary installment worth its salt in your house. It can be installed to any tap water pipe. I just can’t tell you how great this machine is to have. The convenience and intelligence of using the right kind of water for any household task is just something I could have only dreamt of before Kangen Water.

Kangen Water is processed by water ionizing machines manufactured and distributed by Japan-based Enagic International – a company that “pledges to realize a revolution of True Health.” Its thirty seven year of operation have provided the world with great water and made people much healthier. Employing its principle of Kaizen promises future developments that will only lead to better things.

The process of ionizing your water supply results in the separation of the water into two parts. The first stream produced is acidic and its acidity varies depending on how you want it to be. You can set your Kangen Water Machine to pump out strong acidic water with pH 2.7 which is ideal to use for cleaning and disinfecting your kitchen or your bathroom. You can even use strong acidic water to wash your hands or rinse your mouth after brushing your teeth.

The second stream produces alkaline water. If you set the machine to produce Strong Kangen Water, water that is highly alkaline at pH 11.0, you get water that is great for removing stains, and washing the dishes. And of course, Kangen Water which is at pH 8.5-9.5 is perfect for drinking and healthy cooking and even makes your coffee taste better.

The arrival of Kangen Water in the Philippines promises a great vision of health and well-being that will definitely revolutionize how Filipinos utilize water.